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After all these years, letters still arrive because the programmes are shown on ITV3.“At its peak, George & Mildred was seen by 22 million people. ’ We were all great mates.“I still keep in touch with Sally Thomsett and Paula Wilcox, who played Jo and Chrissy in Man About The House.Together, we’ve visited Richard O’Sullivan, who’s in a retirement home after suffering a stroke. Hopefully, there will always be demand for an old codger!Defense secrets are being leaked and it's connected to the organization G. Dudley Foster ("The Hour That Never Was" and "Wish You Were Here") heads a good cast, with Penelope Keith ("The Murder Market" and "Take Me to Your Leader") receiving credit but not appearing on screen.Paul Eddington, previously seen in "Immortal Clay," and Patrick Newell, previously seen in "The Town of No Return" (and future Mother the final season), would both appear on THE BENNY HILL SHOW during the 70s.Amidst growing concern over her health she was admitted to hospital in the summer of 1980.Joyce died in hospital of liver failure four days after her 53rd birthday on 24 August 1980, her co-star and good friend Brian Murphy At the inquest into her death, it was revealed that she had been drinking upwards of half a bottle of brandy a day for ten years, and that she had, in the words of her lawyer Mario Uziell-Hamilton, become a victim of her own success, and dreaded the thought of being typecast as Mildred Roper.See more » As Steed turns the tuba to point it out of the window, the bomb falls out. Peel arrives, things have been damaged that were intact immediately following the explosion, including the tuba. (Guild of Noble Nannies), when grown men containing vital information inexplicably revert to infantile behavior.

When the series ended, a spin-off was written featuring the Ropers; George and Mildred was first broadcast in 1976.She appeared posthumously in her last recorded television performance, duetting with Max Bygraves on his variety show Max, the episode was aired on 14 January 1981.The actor/comedian Kenneth Williams wrote of the performance that "..looked as though she was crying..." In 1986 the Smiths used an image of Joyce on the sleeve of their UK single release "Ask" and the German release of "Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others", thereby adding her to what would become a significant set of musical releases, made iconic by their notable design (other Smiths 'cover stars' included Truman Capote, Terence Stamp, Elvis Presley, Pat Phoenix and Billie Whitelaw).The couple were seen moving from the London house in Myddleton Terrace in the previous programme and into a newer suburban property in Peacock Crescent, Hampton Wick.Much of the new series centred on Mildred's desire to better herself in her new surroundings, but always being thwarted, usually unwittingly, by her lifeskills-lacking husband's desire for a quiet life.

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