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He slipped back into his catatonically depressive state, finding himself whiskey in which he drowned his sorrows.

Kenny's spirit was again revived when Lee and Clementine found a boat and the mission of saving Clementine from her abductor motivated him once more.

These flaws take over at times which allows him to get carried away, and act before thinking which at times proves reckless.

Kenny is generally characterized by needing a sense of purpose or, more specifically, protecting people, which Lee Everett noticed in "Around Every Corner".

Additionally, he helped Rebecca with her pregnancy, giving her steps to follow whilst in labor.

Kenny is also known to be very emotionally involved with the events in the story.

He is loyal to those who treat him well, but unforgiving to those who don't.

Protecting Katjaa and Duck was his singular drive until their deaths, and when that purpose was robbed of him, he sunk into a deep depression until he discovered he focused himself on a new purpose.

Getting to Savannah to find a boat helped steady him because he had a chance to get his friends to safety kept him moving until his arrival at the waterfront, where he found that there were no boats.

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