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The companies that dominate the airwaves and purvey the news in print are little different from any other industry. They fly lawmakers and regulators around the world on all-expenses-paid junkets.

But days later, the powerful broadcast corporations and their Capitol Hill allies managed to halt this historic initiative.

But as in the days of Hearst and Pulitzer, the great media companies of today have their own legislative interests, which they are not always eager to share with the American people.

In 1997, broadcasters lobbied and received portions of the digital broadcast spectrum - worth, according to some estimates, upwards of billion - for free.

In the first half of The Brass Check, Sinclair told much of his personal story - his youth, his failed attempt at making a living as a poet, his writing of the book that exposed the evils of the Chicago packers, and his subsequent celebrity.

With a sometimes acid wit, he related the encounters he had with the press after The Jungle made him famous.

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