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Tara tells her that being afraid is a fear you have to overcome to survive. Denise is later seen witnessing Jessie put down a zombified Betsy and listens to her speech about the new world.

After some more careful reading through her books, Denise manages to find a way to stabilize Scott's infection.

He leads her to the location of the Wolf, who is confined in the makeshift cell. Alone with Owen, Denise is sat in the corner as the Wolf tries to talk to her.

He asks her a number of questions, to which she does not respond.

Denise is first seen being confronted by Morgan, who doesn't get the chance to tell her why he's there, as he is interrupted by Rick's arrival. The discussion leads to further probing by Denise, and Morgan finally admits that he isn't the one who needs antibiotics.

He tells Denise that the presence of the individual in need of treatment (Owen) is a secret.

She reveals to them in casual conversation that she went to med school to be a surgeon, but had panic attacks due to the pressure, causing her to switch into psychiatry.

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She confesses to Tara that she wished someone else to could take her spot so that she could just go back to her apartment reading her books.It is revealed that Owen knew that she didn't know that Morgan had held him prisoner. He vows that he has done his part and that the world will take his role after his death.Denise asks to see the wound, to which he shows her, revealing that it has now become severely infected. She insists that he can change from his current self.Tara and Eugene try to encourage her to help Holly as she bleeds out on the table.Denise ultimately agrees to help, but fails anyways as Holly dies. It is implied that she stabs Holly in the head to prevent reanimation afterwards.

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