Dating clubs in the quad cities

Only 0.34 percent use it regularly, which means that trying to find love on the road or rails is going to be a mite more difficult than in other places. 15, so hitting up the nightlife might still be a solid idea.

If you’re in one of our listed cities, you just might be able to sooner than you thought.

Unfortunately this fair city fares none too well in the romantic restaurant department.

It was the second worst in that ranking, which means that if you land a first date you’ll probably have to settle for a more casual eatery or a movie.

If you want someplace with low lighting, classical music, and a rose on every meticulously-set table, Muscatine is certainly the right place.

It completely overpowered the rest of our top 10 with its number of romantic restaurants, and came in at No. We’ll admit that this city didn’t do quite as well for public transportation.

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On Monday, Loofe's body was found in a rural area.Visitors are always welcome in this friendly Midwest community which is geographically defined by the fact that it is located at the only place where the Mississippi River runs from east to west.Davenport offers visitors and citizens plenty of things to do, including: Davenport Parks of note include Vander Veer Botanical Park, though the City actually manages over 2,200 acres of parks and public property, including miles of bike trails and safe bicycle routes.It’s an honor Davenport shares with her sister city of Rock Island, Illinois. In fact, downtown Davenport’s historic warehouse district is fast-becoming a hot spot for young professionals.Both the Crescent Lofts, which give dwellers affordable, stylish comfort with picturesque views of the Mississippi River, and the Mississippi Lofts are popular choices close to coffee shops, artist studios, boutique shopping and riverfront bike paths.

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