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Cet article présente la liste non-exhaustive de rappeurs américains.De nombreux rappeurs américains tels que Ludacris, Eminem, Tupac Shakur, Notorious B. G, Eazy-E, LL Cool J, et Big Daddy Kane connaissent un véritable succès international dans les années 1990.Under the Sea - Bathing Costume, Pirate, Captain (Navy), Captain Cook, Captain Hook, Love Boat, Fish, Gilligan's Island (Ginger, Gilligan, Mary-Anne ), Hawaiian Hula Girl, King Neptune, Mermaid, Miami Vice, Pirate Wench, Popeye, Sailor, Shark, Spongebob Squarepants, Viking, Titanic Uniform - Air Hostess, Army, Belly Dancer, Candy Striper, Cardinal / Bishop, Cheerleader, Chef, Cigarette Girl, Clown / Court Jester, Construction worker, Convict, Detective, Doctor, Doorman, FBI, Fireman/woman, French Maid, Gangster, German Beer Girl / mens Lederhosen What you wanted to be when you grew up - various uniforms: Dancer, Bar Attendant, Sportsman, Referee, Cheer Leader, Fireman, Doctor, Nurse, Policeman, Prisoner, Soldier, Pilot, Flight Attendant, Sailor, Race Car Driver, Army, Maid, Waiter, Nun, Priest, Clown, Builder, Scientist, Superheroes and wherever your imagination takes you....

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Around The World - tourist, flight attendant, pilot, see uniforms and International theme: Austin Powers - Set in the 60's, an Austin Powers theme offers a wealth of great costumes such as the short Go-Go girl dresses worn with tall boots, and a touch of the psycadelic.

Claus, Shrek and Fiona, Sonny and Cher, Superman and Superwoman, Tarzan and Jane Cowboy/girl and Indians - Pocohontas, Indian Chiefs, feather head-dress, tomohawks, fringing, browns, cowboy/girl boots, triangular scarves tied arround the neck, cowboy/girl hat, cowprint vests and chaps (fronts of pants, worn over the top of jeans to protect leg), black leather look vest and chaps, red and white check tops, Clint Eastwood, sherif badges Defence Forces - Army camoflage gear, Airforce pilot or Navy captain, military comander, SWAT teams, guns and bullet belts, dark glasses, badges, police, Prisoner Disco - mens platform shoes, afros, sparkley multicolour shirts, white disco king suit, yellow / red / bright suits, ruffle neck shirts, psycadelic retro prints, plenty of bling, glasses, short dresses with platform boots, 'bell-bottom' / flare pants for both men and women, sequins and sparkles. From the classic Snow White and Prince Charming, to the more recent Shrek and Fiona.

Dressed to Kill - Dracula, Vampire, Witches, Wizards, Catwoman, James Bond Girl, Matador, Terrorist, Execultioner, Marie Antionette, Bikie Gangs, Go Go Girls, Pro, Killer Heels, Bee, Gladiator, Warrior, Knight, Xena, Villains Eighties - Blues Brothers, crimped hair, fluro, leg warmers, mullets, prom dresses, punk, shoulder pads, stonewash denim, netted fingerless fluro gloves, rock stars, braces, shoulder pads, net shirts, bomber jackets, fishnet stockings, collars up with pearls, goth, high waists, power suits, perms, paisley prints, Bikie Gangs, Fitness instructor in lycra body suit, Star Wars, Adam Ant, Bob Marley, Prom Queen, Miami Vice, Punk, Superheroes, Princess Di, Madonna, blue eyeliner Fairytale - Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Nursery Rhymes (eg.

Pour la liste générale des groupes de hip-hop, voir Liste de groupes de hip-hop.

Pour la liste générale des rappeurs, voir Liste des musiciens hip-hop.

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