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It all begins with a growing awareness of the virtually endless selection of options for the consumer to choose from.It develops further in accordance with the consumer's conceived ability to exhaust as many of the options that she would like to.Consequently there is a preoccupation in both literature and media dealing with the 'second career' and there is a multitude of routes available for retraining.During the last decade or so, gold watches received by veterans of two, three or four decades of loyal employment in one company have become a term of derision.But due to the fact they are often using multiple types of technology simultaneously, this actually equates to 8.5 hours per day.Many people have more than one career during their lifespan and certainly work in several organizations.This is, of course, common knowledge, yet in order to be empiric let me back it up with some data on divorce rates in developed countries: The Americans for Divorce Reform estimates (2009) that probably, 40 or possibly even 50 percent of marriages will end in divorce if current trends continue.

It is the same as putting an emphasis on that which we have not yet attained but want desperately to.

— The first performances of “Der Ring des Nibelungen,” Wagner’s “Ring,” took an average of 14 hours and 20 minutes from 1876 to 1950.

After 1960, the tempo increased and it took about 14 hours. leisure travelers planned at least one of their vacation trips within two weeks of taking that trip. Children spend significantly more time doing homework, studying, carrying out planned activities and developing their skills, than did their counterparts several decades ago.

Similarly, we often 'zap' between television channels to view at least two programs at once.

According to a poll published in Scientific American's MIND, a magazine dedicated to the brain and human behavior in the December 2004 issue, 90% of American adults are multitasking.

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